Assignment 4

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For this brainstorming assignment, my how can we questions were:

How can we make playing dreidel more intuitive and user friendly?

How can we spread awareness about the holiday of Hanukkah across other cultures and religions?

Friends from my model making class participated in the brainstorming session: Ben, Kaya, Mary, and Dennis. While Hannah Hill and Andrew Benson are in the creativity class they helped as well for wider idea generation. This was also because we all struggled to find people so we did one long session going through Hannah, Andrew, and my themes with the same people. I know this was advised against, but it was better than nothing. We opened with general brainstorming games and then each of us did our individual created game before each person's theme session.

We played red ball and Kitty wants a corner. Then we played my brainstorming game, which was charades and telephone themed. Whoever went first would think of a common action and instead of saying the actual word for the action they would make up a fake word with silly sounds while making the action. Then the turns follow around the circle. The following person would make that action again but while making that action would say the word that they thought the fake word was subbing for. The next person would make the same action again and say what they thought the action was. We would keep going around the circle until someone got the action word right or until it returned to the first person's turn who made up the word. They would tell the group if no one guessed it. Then the person next to them would start the sequence over again with a new action and fake word. The game was kind of confusing to explain, but once people caught on it was a lot of fun.

After warming up our creativity, the brainstorming commenced. Due to paper limitations we did not utilize blue sky idea generation but instead used the 635 method. I cut out all of the ideas for sorting. We spent 20 minutes on each problem statement. Roughly 70 ideas were generated for each problem. The IPM for the first brainstorming session was 0.6. The IPM for the second brainstorming session was 0.583. I think the second one was a little lower since it was a harder topic to brainstorm for.



Following are pictures of each sorted brainstorming session and the 5 best ideas from each brainstorming session:

How can we make playing dreidel more intuitive and user friendly?

Brainstorm 1 Sorted

Categories were Arts/Crafts, New Games, Food, Informational, Novelty Items, Dreidel Features, Makes Spinning Easier, and Coins/Candy.

Idea 1: Light Up Dreidel

Light Up Dreidel

Idea 2: Techno-Dreidel


Idea 3: Drei-Doodle


Idea 4: Coin Dispensing Dreidel

Coin Dispensing Dreidel

Idea 5: Talking Dreidel

Talking Dreidel

How can we spread awareness about the holiday of Hanukkah across other cultures and religions?

Brainstorm 2 Sorted

Categories were Free Stuff, Educational Readings, Cross-Holidays, Games/Trivia, Advertising, and Novelty Items.

Idea 1: 8 Nights of Chocolate

8 Nights of Chocolate

Idea 2: App that Tests Holiday Knowledge

App that Tests Holiday Knowledge

Idea 3: Hologram Rabbi

Hologram Rabbi

Idea 4: Holiday Themed Talking Action Figures

Holiday Themed Talking Action Figures

Idea 5: Talking Menorah

Talking Menorah

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Hi Sophia,
I'd like to point out that there are new people commenting each week. Thus, I would have liked to see the connection you made from your problem statements to the "How might we" questions at the beginning instead of having to find it in your previous post.

About your game, it sounds interesting. Were there any rules to the fake word, or could it be chosen completely random?

For the image below "How can we make playing dreidel..." it's really hard to see anything (even when clicked on) except how it was categorized because everything is so small. I would have recommended a close up of one of the groups, and writing the rest in the blog. The same goes for the second topic.

I've never played Dreidel, but that Drei-doodle got me thinking that there could be a paper play platform with a defined spinning zone, and you would need to use your dexterity to keep the Dreidel within the boundaries.

As for the ideas, I found some of them quite amusing (holiday themed talking action figures for instance). I think the 8 nights of chocolate idea could have used a extra words of explanation. I have no clue what's embedded in it (perhaps because I don't know much about Hanukkah?).

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