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Discussion thread about the design company stuff.


We need to come up with a name. Any ideas?

Here are some name ideas I have had.

OM2 = Olsem Mulliner Marx
KM2O = Kmetz Mulliner Marx Olsem


Activated Complex


Mullet Studios (because then our tagline could be "business up front, party in back.")

How do we even get jobs?
Just walk in and ask business if they want design done.

Apparat and Specimen are cute

Well Janice is going to contact all her pals in the design business and see if they have freelance jobs. But yeah we are going to have to go to businesses and be like hey we can do this for you.

The Cuteness

The Cuteness as a name?

Cuteness is my style but not professional

I like specimen but I think it could be refined a little.

Pixel Puzzle
pixel rebirth(this is my favorite)
pixel birth

Kevin and I were talking about companies that we should approach. Organic food companies and small businesses would be a good place to get our foot in the door and develop relationships.

Kawaii = japanese for the cuteness

Kawaii creative

Thought it was interesting...not in love with it

I was thinking that our name should have studio in it

ex. Studio no. 1 (Shepard Fairey)

Studio on Fire

I think it just sounds professional and you can still be creative with it

studio truth

pixel factory

pixel vs. paper


I like doublethink

It's a real definition that applies to something