July 23, 2005

where have I been?

Interlibrary loan has been quite busy lately and a new man came into my life last fall. Not all of my devotion to those causes has been healthy and that will be enough said on that. I've not done much with politics since the elections, though I am proud of what we did with the MN State House. I did attempt to go to the DFL Minneapolis City Convention, but it was such a circus I got disgusted and left before it really got going.

My partner is a different "flavor" of pagan and that has caused us both to learn more about our spirituality, I think.

There has still been plenty of good cooking in my house as my partner likes to do it, too. We've recently gotten to some more potlucks so I should be posting more recipes soon.

I don't know if anyone has missed the weird titles-my coworkers have still been getting them nearly every Friday.

Posted by masik001 at July 23, 2005 3:05 PM