March 10, 2006

weird titles, 3/10

Real Sex, The Naked Truth About Chastity

Where The Green Ants Dream

Jesus, CEO

Socrates And The Three Little Pigs

Revolting Librarians Redux: radical librarians speak out

There's A Porcupine In My Outhouse

Conservatives Are From Mars ( Liberals Are From San Francisco)

Electric Jesus Corpse

The Owl Was A Baker's Daughter

Crunchy Cons: how birkenstocked Burkeans, gun-loving organic gardeners, evangelical free-range farmers, hip home schooling mamas, right-wing nature lovers and their diverse tribe of counter-cultural conservatives plan to save America ( or at least the Republican Party)

I'm encouraged to see a number of books and TV appearances from Republican rebels, decent people who don't want to spend all our money on wars and tax breaks for the rich!

Posted by masik001 at March 10, 2006 1:02 PM