November 29, 2008

Wal-Mart employee trampled to death

In a rush for holiday bargains on Black Friday, a temporary Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death in a New York store.

The New York Times reports that county police were called in at 3:30 for crowd control.

At 4:55, about 2000 shoppers couldn’t be held back any longer and they shattered the doors and pushed through the openings.

Jdimytai Damour, 34, was crushed and killed by the stampede.

CNN reports that the union that represents retail workers says that the death could have been prevented.

CNN also reports that the union is calling for an investigation to see that Damour’s family sees justice.

Death toll in India terrorist attacks uncertain

CNN reports that at the end of the terrorist attacks in India, the death toll stood at 183.

The New York Times reports that after the standoff ended at the Taj Mahal Palace & Hotel Tower ended the death toll was at 172. Officials were waiting for exact body counts.

CNN reports that R.R. Patil, deputy chief minister of Maharashtra state said that they thought the terrorists planned to kill 5,000 people.

The New York Times reports that in 2007, a report to Parliament suggested that the country’s shores were inadequately protected from infiltration from the sea.

Both articles suggest that tension between India and Pakistan is high.

November 23, 2008

Protests threaten Bangkok government

Police in Bangkok prepared for an anti-government protest on Monday that the demonstrators promised as their final showdown.

According to the International Herald Tribune, parliament is considering rewriting the constitution which has caused the demonstrators, who call themselves People’s Alliance for Democracy, to plan to block the gates of parliament.

According to CNN, the issue is no longer about rewriting the constitution, rather lawmakers will debate legislation related to an upcoming summit.

Area schools were closed and animals at a local zoo secured as police put up barricades.

November 16, 2008

Klan group pays $2.5 million to teen

A white supremacist Ku Klux Klan group was ordered to pay $2.5 million in damages to a 16-year-old boy who they mistakenly thought was an illegal Latino immigrant.

The teen was severely beaten in 2006 and the Klansmen served two years in prison.

Friday, an all-white jury found that the Imperial Klans of America and its founder wrongfully targeted Jordan Gruver.

The Southern Poverty Law Center represented Gruver and says that they plan to seize the grand wizard’s, Ron Edwards, property that serves as Klan headquarters.

The International Herald Tribune reports that Edwards plans to appeal the verdict.

reports that the 2006 attack happened at the Meade County Fair in Brandenberg, Kentucky while the Klan was on a recruiting mission.

Protests span the country, MN included

Gay marriage ban protests spanned across the country on Saturday, including in cities around Minnesota.

CNN reports that in lower Manhattan, protesters stood behind barricades and held signs.

In Los Angeles, demonstrators were met with counter-demonstrators.

The Star Tribune reports that demonstrations were held in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth.

Proposition 8, which overturned the May ruling of legalizing same-sex marriage, seems to have triggered the cross-country demonstrations.

23 missing in Kashmir bridge collapse

A newly constructed bridge collapsed Sunday morning in Indian Kashmir, sending at least two dozen people into the river.

CNN reports that at least 23 workers were feared dead while Yahoo News reports that five people were killed and 18 are missing.

Two people were found in the river, which is swollen from recent rain and snowfall.

Most of the dead and missing were workers involved in construction or local bridge users.

Yahoo News reports that the bridge was to open later this month and that construction related accidents are common in India.

November 9, 2008

8-year-old boy taught to use guns

Police have found that the man killed by his 8-year-old son had consulted a priest about whether his son should be allowed to learn to use firearms.

The boy shot and killed his father, Vincent Romero, 29 and his father’s co-worker and roommate, Timothy Romans, 39, inside their home.

According to CNN, Very Rev. John Paul Sauter said Romero wanted to teach his son to hunt, while the boy’s mother wanted him to stick with a BB gun.

The St. John’s Police Chief said that he didn’t think that the killings were spur of the moment and that something must have triggered the boy’s aggression.

CNN also reports that a psychological evaluation was ordered by a judge and that under Arizona law, anyone 8 and older can have charges filed.

According to MSNBC, most people in the community knew of the Romero family

China announces economic stimulus plan

China proposed a $586 billion economic stimulus package on Sunday in an attempt to revive some of the economic slowdown.

China’s Cabinet approved a plan to invest in national infrastructure and social welfare by the end of 2010.

The New York Times reports that some of the money will go to constructing new railways, subways, airports and rebuilding communities devastated by an earthquake in southwest China in the spring of 2008.

CNN reports that beyond that, the money will be spent on health and education as well as low-cost housing.

The proposal was announced before President Hu Jintao’s trip to Washington for a global economy summit.

The New York Times reports that Hu Jinato spoke with President-elect Barack Obama over the phone on a range of issues, including the economy.

China plans to help stabilize the global economy by looking inward and keeping one of the largest economies on track.

November 2, 2008

Package labeled 'anthrax' sent to Pioneer Press

The St. Paul newspaper The Pioneer Press received a small package on Saturday labeled “anthrax?.

The package contained a CD with a picture of Gen. Colin Powell was labeled "Anthrax Shock and Awe Terror". A white, sugar-like package taped to the top labeled "Anthrax" and "Biohazard."

Initial tests determined that the white powder enclosed was sugar.

On Wednesday, a California man was arrested on suspicion of sending hoax letters with “anthrax?.

The Star Tribune reports that he had sent over 100 letters to media outlets, while the Pioneer Press didn’t specify that it was only to media outlets but that letters were sent to over 120 envelopes.

Bush missing from campaign trail

President Bush has been notably out of the limelight when it comes to the campaign trail.

CNN reports that he has no public event scheduled and will be at Camp David from Friday until Monday.

CNN also reports that the White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said he is focusing on other activities like the economy.

The Star Tribune reports that since President Bush endorsed Sen. McCain in March, they’ve only appeared together for a total of 12 minutes.

reports that President Bush’s approval rating is at 28, while the Star Tribune reports his rating at 26.

3000 year old Hebrew text found

Archeologists are digging up a 3000-year-old city just 20 miles outside of Jerusalem where they found a piece of what appears to be the oldest known Hebrew text.

The fortress is from 10th century B.C., which the New York Times considers “the most controversial period in the biblical archeology.?

This find could reshape the views people hold of the time that David ruled the Israelites.

The piece of pottery, says Professor Yosef Garfinkel of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, is known as an ostracon.

CNN reports that the piece of pottery is six square inches and has five lines of text, divided by black lines.

October 26, 2008

Leader of Mexican drug cartel arrested

A senior member from the Tijuana-based Mexican drug cartel was arrested after a shootout.

Eduardo Arellano Felix, 52, was captured Saturday night across from the border city to San Diego, Calif. Kansas reports that he was with his 11-year-old daughter.

CNN reports that Felix was one of the last wanted members of the trafficking organization that has been associated with the 400 people that have been killed in drug-related violence in Tijuana this year.

Felix was on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s Most Wanted List, with $5 million in rewards offered for his capture.

CNN reports that today, the “notorious cartel is split into two factions?, one of which is headed by Felix’s nephew.

TV anchor dies from attack

An Arkansas TV anchor died Saturday, days after being attacked in her Little Rock home.

Anne Pressly, 26, was found at 4:30 a.m. on Monday morning and “unable to speak and suffering from massive brain swelling,? according to

CNN reports that Pressly’s purse was missing and that she may have been a victim of burglary.

The Telegraph reports that she had been hit repeatedly in the face, head and neck with a blunt instrument.

The Telegraph also reports that on Saturday doctors reduced her sedatives and that the swelling in her brain had improved.

CNN reports that the station Pressly worked for, KATV, has established a $30,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of Pressly’s attacker.

October 19, 2008

Senator killed in car crash

A Pennsylvania state senator died Saturday after being injured in a head-on collision Friday.

Sen. James Rhoades, 66, and his wife, Mary, were taken to the hospital after their Cadillac collided head-on with a pickup truck.

The Delaware Online reports that, according to police, the accident happened at 7:30 p.m. on Friday evening as Sen. Rhoades and his wife were on their way to a ceremony at a local school district that was honoring him for raising money. reports that Mary Rhoades’ injuries weren’t believed to be life-threatening.

He represented Pennsylvania’s coal country since 1981.

The Delaware Online reports was the longtime chairman of the Senate Education Committee and is partially responsible for every education initiative in recent history and his "passing is a tremendous loss for Pennsylvania."

October 16, 2008

Todd Palin making appearances in Northern MN

Husband of Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is visiting Minn. this week.

His stops include Duluth, Grand Rapids, and Bemidji on Thursday and Thief River Falls and Moorhead on Friday.

McCain’s Minnesota campaign says that the visit is targeting outdoor enthusiasts.

According to the Star Tribune and In-Forum news, Palin is traveling with his snowmobile racing partner, a native of Grand Rapids, Scott Davis.

In-Forum reports that Todd Palin self describes himself as Alaska’s “First Dude?.

Palin will be at the Scheels sporting goods store in Moorhead on Friday afternoon, according to In-Forum, and the event is open to the public.