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Online Mentorship Session - "Humble Beginnings - Unlimited Potential"

Humble Beginnings - Unlimited Potential
Thursday, January 24, 2008 Online Mentorship Session
2 p.m. Eastern ? 1 p.m. Central ? 12 p.m. Mountain ? 11 a.m. Pacific

This month's hot topic is: Humble Beginnings - Unlimited Potential
APWA continues its FREE online mentoring program featuring some of the brightest, seasoned professionals in public works. It is just the beginning of APWA's initiative to provide cost-effective learning and networking opportunities to the public works community.

This is a great opportunity to gather a group around the speakerphone and learn from the leaders in our profession. Use the sessions as a launching point for further discussion and interaction among the public works professionals in your area. Watch the APWA website http://www.apwa.net for more details.