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Avatar: Tara

The avatar project had the class thinking about creating a virtual version of themselves. These representations did not specifically have to look anything like our actual physical beings, but should represent ourselves in some aspect. The parameters of the assignment specified that the avatar have some sort of distinguishable feature such as an article of clothing.

I chose to depict myself quite literally mostly because I don't feel the need to present an "alternative me" to the world. Referencing a photograph of myself, I made a digital drawing using Adobe Illustrator.

72resAvatar No Color.jpg

Then added color using the live paint tool.

72resAvatar Color.jpg

I then pulled the image into Adobe Photoshop and used the burn tool to add shading and dimension to the image.

72resAvatar Shading.jpg

I am pleased with the outcome for this assignment in that I was surprised by how much I was able to accomplish with my limited knowledge with the software. However, since the final format for the assignment required a printed 10" x 10" headshot, the coloring in particular doesn't look quite right on the screen. Overall though I thought that this was a good jump-start assignment and I look forward to working on my Digital Focus pieces.

Personalized Products

Recently I've noticed how impacted our society is by digital media and that the way we live our lives almost necessitates the technology that has been developed. You would be hard pressed to find an individual who doesn't have access to some form of digital media whether it's digital photography or a personal computer. If you stop to think about how many digital products you use everyday you'd be surprised. Most Americans have a cellphone in their pocket or bag at all times. Compact discs catalog a variety of information for the average person. Digital videos are used to document experiences or create works of art. E-books and the advantages that they have are on the rise and being used by more and more consumers. Video games monopolize a large number of peoples' lives. And who hasn't checked their email at least once today by using the Internet?

And although many of the ways that digital media is used today is almost required in order to function (jobs that communicate via email, etc.), digital media can also be used for entertainment or seemingly less important tasks. For example, digital media has allowed consumers the ability to personalize a variety of products. Anything from shoes to candy.

M&Ms.jpgThe ease of access is what is so amazing. Although the personalization of products has been possible for years, what used to take more time, more footwork, and more money, now becomes simple, easy and fun. And it is through this advancement in the way digital media can be used today that really speaks to how our lives have been impacted.

Project 1: Avatar

Due next Thursday, January 28th:

10" x 10" Avatar Self-Portrait

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This blog, a required component for this course in order to document and archive my creative process during the semester, is maintained by Tara Mathison. I am a fifth year junior, Art Education major at the University of Minnesota Duluth and my work is primarily in traditional mediums including photography.

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