After Critique 2:

Recently I've been working on generating a lot of silhouette figures as you can tell by the image below.

Black Silhouettes Spread.jpg

After MUCH trial and error, I have come to a few conclusions about the inkjet transparency transfer method. Although what I have to show are "failures," they were undeniably learning experiences that I am grateful for having.


Right now the focus has shifted to transferring these silhouettes onto the clothespins and the clothespins functioning as such to suspend handkerchiefs from a clothesline. As the thought-process goes, the handkerchiefs would have embroidered imagery (possibly vintage silhouettes as well?) as well as text. After getting some feedback in critique recently, I like the idea of having the (essentially) two objects contrast one another. The clothespins being highly indicative of the post-World War II era of the homemaker/housewife and the handkerchiefs relating to that, but reflecting more of a "modern feminist" viewpoint. One thought today was "How about you take a Midol and text me later?!" I don't really know where this part is going yet, but I'm at least thinking! No shortage of bad ideas here!
Upcoming I will be posting more in depth about the concept of my project and getting more specific, but that'll come after my digital presentation on March 4th!

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