Update: NEW Digital Focus

Unfortunately, my initial ideas aren't doing much for me anymore. I'm still trying to tackle this idea of "modern feminism" that I've been struggling with for a while, but using a slightly different approach. Thus, a NEW Digital Focus.

Things that will stay the same are:
--Use of silhouettes
--Use of a clothes line
--Use of clothespins
--Use of text

Things that will change are:
--Use of "digital embroidery"
--Use of bed sheets
--Use of interactive medium

I've been concentrating on creating handkerchiefs with the "digital embroidery" along with the text that are referencing digital media. Here are the images I have so far.

Handkerchief 1.jpg

Handkerchief 2.jpg

Handkerchief 3.jpg

Handkerchief 4.jpg

I would like to use a straight-forward approach by using t-shirt transfer paper to apply the images to the handkerchiefs, however when I went shopping I purchased the wrong transfer paper (transfer paper for colored fabric) and ended up learning from that mistake. Here's a blush-worthy failure...


More information about the bed sheets to come soon as well as a mock up of the potential space!

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