Ways of Working: Tweed Museum of Art

After many difficulties and a lot of mental processing, I eventually produced some great work that I'm really proud of! Especially after having worked hard to complete everything for the opening of the show "Ways of Working." I'm very satisfied with my pieces and really grateful for the opportunity to show them in a gallery setting!

Although I didn't show this latest work that I've been updating about on my blog, I'm happy with the way they've turned out. I completed 4 handkerchiefs that are embellished with inkjet transfers that are the images you see in the post below.

The work I DID have in the Tweed though were two twin flat sheets painted with coffee and grape juice. This work is talking about femininity, expectations society has of women, conformity and difficulties women have faced to become more than just housewives and caretakers. These "stains" on the sheets mimic and reflect what women have struggled to overcome and have attempted to "wipe away" these longstanding injustices, stereotypes, and inequality.




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