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Digital Collage Creature Animation

After creating the landscape and creature, we were asked to animate our creation using the layers palette. After turning my layers into stills in a "movie," I exported the file as a QuickTime film. In iMovie, sound was added as an effect to complete the transformation from static image to animation!

Still #2

Digital Collage Still 3.jpg

Still #1

Here are a couple stills from the film...

Digital Collage Still 2.jpg

Digital Collage Creature

For our first project we needed to create a landscape and mythical creature using collage in Adobe Photoshop. I decided on manipulating my landscape's coloring to give it a fanciful texture and to indicate that this is an imaginary place. My creature is a bison/deer/butterfly existing as a curiously color-less individual in a highly contrasted environment.

Digital Collage Creature.jpg

Video Editing

Lately I have noticed the availability of video editing technology. It seems like years ago that editing videos was only for a select few with the proper equipment. And when most videos became digital, only those who could afford the software necessary were capable of editing videos. Now, virtually every personal computer comes with at least a basic program for editing your family films and the upgrades to the full version are relatively affordable. In fact, even personal devices such as cell phones now have the capability of editing videos shot on the device itself. For example, the iphone from Apple.

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