Reflection on Project #2: Sand/Paint Animation Demo

The Sand/Paint demo was a fun and engaging activity to have during class time. Since this is a such an interesting topic to look into, the research was hardly work and the hardest part was figuring out how to best present the process to a room full of people. While Sand and Paint animation is a visual art form, it is really best understood while experiencing it yourself. This sort of art making definitely strikes home with me due to the fact that one of my opinions on art is that the experience of the creating process can be just as important as the end result. Since our group did a "live" video of the paint animation I would be interested in using the stop-motion approach if I were to try it again. As mentioned earlier, it was sort of difficult to conceive of an idea to animate using these techniques, but with more opportunities I think that using sand and paint animation with students could be successful.