Reflection on the Digital Art Workshop: Day 1

Day One went rather well I felt. I helped two students learn a little bit about the tools found in Photoshop as well as some fun things you can do with Photo Booth. They began by taking a picture of themselves using the built-in web camera on the Macs and then brought their image of their face into Photoshop. They were instructed to manipulate themselves and the surroundings using tools like brushes, paint bucket, hue & saturation, etc. to show a transformation of some kind.  One student chose a direction rather quickly and was diligent in finishing his idea while my other student kept wanting to back all the way up in the process and start over quite a few times. After a bit of discussion, my second student was able to continue on and eventually finish his work. Both students were very excited about using the computer to animate their transformations and met instruction with enthusiasm. I felt a bit strained having to divert my attention to two students at once especially with the obvious difference in their skills using the programs. However, I enjoyed the experience and definitely have a positive outlook on the upcoming opportunities to work with this group of kids.