Reflection on the Digital Art Workshop: Day 2

Day Two was rather interesting. My first task of the day was to meet the students as they arrived, made sure that they were all accounted for and to follow up on any that were not present. It was very helpful having another person "conduct traffic" as the students were trickling in and to engage them as they arrived. After leading the students to the classroom, I helped a team working on a narrative story called The Ugly Pumpkin. The students were pitched a story to work on along with a color palette and visual style to work with. After selections were made, two students began working on the characters and settings that go along with The Ugly Pumpkin. Both of the students are rather quiet so it was somewhat difficult to have them share their ideas and to have input into what direction the project should go, but after a bit more refreshing with the Photoshop program, they were able to successfully begin making imagery that we will later use to make an animation.