Reflection on the Digital Art Workshop: Day 3

Day Three involved setting up a light table in the Tweed Museum of Art which was used by three separate groups to incorporate into their animation narratives. Our first group used sand to animate a weather scene in the story Sleepy Hollow. I noticed that the students sometimes weren't as free with their movements, which is at the very core of sand animation, and wanted to be more meticulous with their imagery than necessary. It was suggested that they manipulate the sand for a set amount of time (7 seconds) and then a still image would be taken regardless of whether or not they were finished with their idea.  Two other groups used acrylic paint for their transformations in their narrative which worked well with the visual styles that they had chosen earlier on in the process. I noticed that since the interaction of light and dark while using the light table is so pivotal, larger, more noticeable marks need to be made in order to be read. Also, paint animation requires the use of a slow drying paint and cleaning up the acrylic was quite time consuming. The students were enthusiastic about trying something they have never seen before which both helped and hindered them. Some were anxious to begin, while others were a little more conservative and tentative in their approach. Overall, it was a great experience being in a public location like the Tweed Museum of Art and able to talk to other museum goers about what we were doing.