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Reflection on Project #1: Digital Collage Creature

At this point I still don't feel overly confident with Photoshop, but after this project, I feel like I have a better understanding of what I can accomplish while using it. I was surprised mostly by how easily individual "still frames" (layers) can be transformed into a film clip. I definitely see this as a project that could be accomplished in a classroom. I would perhaps lead up to this assignment with other projects working with Photoshop in order for the students to feel comfortable and have an understanding of what the possibilities are when creating an animation using this process. Knowing what tools there are and how they function is vital to the success of this project, therefore I feel that students should have a foundation of basic Photoshop capabilities before attempting this assignment. I would definitely have the students compile their own image bank since half of the fun was seeing what your classmates came up with for the word given. But I would also probably provide a few solid examples for each word since some of the quality of imagery (not content, but quality) was a little lacking and I felt went unused because of it.

Digital Collage Creature Animation

After creating the landscape and creature, we were asked to animate our creation using the layers palette. After turning my layers into stills in a "movie," I exported the file as a QuickTime film. In iMovie, sound was added as an effect to complete the transformation from static image to animation!

Still #2

Digital Collage Still 3.jpg

Still #1

Here are a couple stills from the film...

Digital Collage Still 2.jpg

Digital Collage Creature

For our first project we needed to create a landscape and mythical creature using collage in Adobe Photoshop. I decided on manipulating my landscape's coloring to give it a fanciful texture and to indicate that this is an imaginary place. My creature is a bison/deer/butterfly existing as a curiously color-less individual in a highly contrasted environment.

Digital Collage Creature.jpg