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Final Project: Clothespin Break-Dancing Stop Motion

For my final project I wanted to further explore stop motion animation since I only had a small taste of it while creating "The Ugly Pumpkin" with the digital workshop students. I wanted things to stay simple in order to use the project as a lesson plan idea in a classroom with limited access to computers. I used a piece of colored tag board as the backdrop and anthropomorphized a household clothespin that begins break-dancing his way through a song. What I like most about stop motion animation is that it doesn't require very many tools and the tools it does require are readily available. Also the fact that you can give an inanimate object a personality or a character trait is kind of fascinating. I used my point and shoot digital camera to shoot the images for the animation, brought them into Photoshop using individual layers and used the animation window to create and export a Quicktime file. After that, I used iMovie hd to add sound, video effects and transitions to make the final version. I wanted it to have an urban feel and to me it seems like the sketchy flow and changes in lighting add to the overall intention. Hopefully someday I can use this quick, simple animation as an example to spark an interest in stop motion animation in my classroom!

Here is the animation to date. There may be some alterations to it in the near future. Enjoy!

Final Stop-Mo for

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