October 12, 2005

Glencoe vs Lincoln

After doing some research on Lincoln school I realized there's a lot of differnces between Lincoln school and Glencoe Silver-Lake. I Think the biggest differnce would have to be that the majority of kids who go to Lincoln school are African American, and the majority of kids who go to Glencoe Silver-Lake are White. I can tell this is true by pulling up the Census, and looking at a teachers essay on the internet. This situation is a big deal because these African Americans are sort of stuck in these lower class communities. I believe there deprieved from a better education, and a better lifestyle. These kids are brought up in an environment where education might not be a number one issue. Going to a school where there is a lack of funding gives off the impression that people just don't care. The lack of funding comes back to how much the community can give back to the school with there taxes. When people of the community don't make much money it's hard to raise taxes, and believe that a family can still make it.

Posted by at October 12, 2005 11:38 AM