September 23, 2005


I liked how are revision groups went. There was alot of good feedback from everyone. It really helped out to have someone else critique one anothers papers. I personally felt that i'll have a much better paper becuase of these groups.
While going through each others papers we realized alot of similiar things we could work on. One was that we all needed to add more examples on why these people or things really helped us out in school. The other thing we needed to work on was using more vivid descriptions of the people or things we were talking about

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September 21, 2005

English Class

I choose to write about Danielle William's experience with her tough english class. Danielle choose to take a tough english course in highschool. In her essay she explains how she benefited from that class. She said it was really tough but it really helped her out in the long run. I shared a similiar experiences like Danielle. I took a really hard english class my senior year. I was really intimidated by the papers we had to write, but by the time it was all over I was really happy that I took the class. I benefited from alot of the things that I learned in that class.

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September 12, 2005

shitty first drafts

"Then i'd stop, remember to breathe, make a few phone calls, hit the kitchen and chow down."

This sentence intrigues me because, she is explaining basically how she clears her mind, and how to get back on task. It's a sentence that I can relate to when I'm writing. I beleive that taking breaks are essential to writing a good paper. It gives you time to sit back and reflect on what you just acomplished. This sentence seems like it could some good inderect advice.

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