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After examining intermediate persuasion techniques I find myself reflecting upon point number 29, symbols. In today's world media has created so many symbols that relate to different statuses. The text uses Hummer SUVs as a status symbol of money. I feel like our minds have been trained to think a certain thing when looking at different symbols. Whenever I see red, white, and blue I instantly think of something related to the United States. Also when I see a bald eagle my mind also goes to patriotism. Advertisers know that our mind uses symbols to relate to various meanings. They use these symbols to gain consumer demand. In the United States we as a society are so driven to make money and become rich and famous. Materials are status symbols to many Americans.The more you have the higher you are in status. The video we watched in class about children learning from a young age that money equals power really impacted me. Kids constantly see status symbols from the time they can walk. Personally I am not advocating against making money and becoming successful, but as a society we have trained our minds to only want materials. My favorite sign of power are cars. People instantly believe that if a person drives a nice car, then they are successful. The evolution of advertising with the use age of signs has been driven by consumers. Advertisers put things up that we as a society want to see. I am a victim of advertising symbols as well. In the end having things equates to success in many people's minds, so I might as well jump on the bandwagon as well.

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