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After reading Janine Jackson's article about the Hub I wonder why she wrote this segment. Does she have children of her own? What does she have against marketing to children? Her piece on the Nicktoons show provided a lot of speculation and little opinion or background. I would have liked to here some background knowledge on not only who she is but also why her company decided to publish this piece. I feel it would have given this piece a little more credibility and depth. So I go back to my original question. Why did Jackson write this piece? I can kind of understand why she would write this if she had children of her own. As a parent she wouldn't want her children subjected to commercials and advertisements when watching television. Oh wait, this already happens to everyone on a daily basis. Kids are huge consumers of products and companies have been taking advantage of this for years. When I was a kid I absolutely loved the show Hey Arnold. There wasn't any product placement or things of that nature in the show, but I did watch plenty of commercials catered to my age. I remember Hotwheel cars constantly being advertised and every Christmas I convinced my parents to buy me little cars to race around. Toy companies constantly target children's television shows and this is nothing new in my opinion.
One part of Jackson's article about vertical integration did intrigue me. The Hub is partially owned by Hasbro toy company and Discovery Communications. Basically the two companies conglomerated to make a television network to not only sell t.v. to kids but also to sell toys to kids. This is a brilliant thing in my opinion. According to sources, the show does not violate the Children't Television Act. So basically Hasbro and Discovery Communications beat other competitors with this idea and partnership. Apparently they are the first to do this and I give them Kudos. This makes me wonder if Janine Jackson is a writer for another competitor and the company is just sore because they didn't get there first. I can see where this partnership could become a problem but that is just speculation. For now I'm going to just watch and see how Discovery Communications and Hasbro do compared to other competitors.

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