Spike Lee, Do the Right Thing

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After watching part of the movie, Do the Right Thing I found some new respect and a little admiration for Spike Lee as a person. The movie depicted African American life in Brooklyn and all of the problems that the people face. The main character, Mookie, is played by Spike. Just from the part we saw, Spike made his character Mookie act like a good person. Mookie seemed to constantly "Do the Right Thing." This is interesting for me because I feel like Spike Lee usually just doesn't care. I figured Mookie would be a joker or somebody that constantly starts trouble. I thought Spike would mirror Mookie too who Spike is in real life. Which is a controversial director that always has something to say whether it be negative or positive. Spike once said the Senator of Mississippi was a card carrying member of the KKK. He also said Larry Bird was garbage and the only reason why Bird was a prominent basketball player was because of white supremacist media. His controversy and choice of words always kind of bugged me. That's why I found new respect for Spike. He could have created a lot of controversy as the character Mookie.
I really wanna examine the character Mookie. He faces racial problems when he kicks out his black friend from the restaurant. He understands that his friend is wrong and also just doesn't want to loose his job. Mookie also tries to inspire one of the Italian brothers to stick up for himself. I think that Spike Lee wants people to understand and see that sometimes the smallest of things done right, can make the biggest of difference.

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