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June 14, 2007

RR #1: The World is a Text: Intro

I felt that this intro was fairly common sense. Although it did make me aware of the ideas that were present. For one thing I felt I was always perceiving the world rather than reading it, but that would make just as much sense. When the author(s) mention in the TEXT, THE WORLD, YOU, AND YOUR PAPERS section that “to our knowledge, there has never been a great writer who was not also a great thinker. What's more, to be a great thinker and a great writer, we must also be great readers." I thought that this was a piece of text. Not that most of us are not great readers in the metaphorical sense; that we can read the world, but rather that I know many people, myself included, that are not good text readers and prefer not to do it. I wonder how this limits our ability to read the world and if it truly does.