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February 9, 2006

From Miss Matulka

Hershey sounds wonderful! I bet you enjoy him very much. I did not see where you told me what you liked or disliked about taking the test on the computer. Please tell me now. Also what is it that you would like to learn about the human body?

February 2, 2006


I LOVE HERSHEYS :) 2/23/06

Hershey is my gerbil.Hershey is the color of rain clould grey.My brother and sister think he is the smartest gerbil in the whole wide world and I think he is little to. Hersey has two brothers.Hershey is about 5or 6 mouths.I think Hersheys is a cute cozzey gerbil!i love Hersheys:)

February 1, 2006

From Miss Matulka

1. Tell me two things you either liked or disliked about taking a test on the computer yesterday.
2. What is something about the human body that would you like to learn about?