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“Don’t expect to get a job offer,? said Janet Prival who has been helping students prepare for various job fairs at the U of M for 17 years.
In a speech given last Thursday Prival said regarding the up coming job fair, “Job offers are extremely rare as are direct interviews with employers. Your main goal is setting up contacts.?
There are possibilities receiving job offers. If you find yourself in that situation you don’t have to make up your mind right away. It’s business standard that you have two weeks to make up your mind.
Though one on one, professional interviews aren’t very common, there are many possibility to have short, public, informal interviews with employers that last don’t last longer that 15 minutes.
“These short meetings are where you start the process of making contacts,? said Prival. This is where you get a chance to make yourself known to an employer and where you have the opportunity to ask any questions about the company that you may have.
“Don’t ask any questions about the company that you could have answered by visiting their website,? Prival said. Employers don’t want to waste time interviewing people who aren’t really interested. “Prepare for those little interviews by visiting the websites and learning about the companies, so when they tell you to go online, you can tell them, ‘I already did’,? This shows that you’re eager to be employed.
The speech covered the many aspects of preparing yourself for the job fair, from the obvious to the usually overlooked details.
Some of the obvious things that Prival went over were the things you need to do before you are allowed to even step foot in the job fair. You must first visit the website, which is, and register yourself. Any unregistered students will not be allowed to take part in the job fair.
Another obvious task is transportation. The website is linked to maps that show you how to get to the Minneapolis Convention Center and where the nearest parking lots are, or there is a free bus. The bus leaves Duluth at 8 a.m. on that Saturday and will arrive in Minneapolis around 10:30 a.m. and leave at 4 p.m.. Though the bus is free, you are required to put forth a $10 deposit to reserve a seat.
Prival went into the details of preparation, talking about everything from ways to stay cool and collected to what would be the proper attire.
“Take a break between every employer,? Prival said. This allows you the time to take down some notes and keep your head straight. “Employers won’t run together in your mind this way, they’ll stay separate.?
It’s very important says Prival to, “stay calm?. You don’t want to be nervous. Where clothes that are professional, but make sure you’re comfortable.
For more information on how to prepare yourself for a job interview Prival recommended the book, “Knock ‘em Dead?, saying it gives “wonderful? advice on how to stand out in interviews.