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St. Judes


In the poorly lit Kirby Game Room filled that’s filled with dingy pool tables and the smell of fresh pizza, UMD students are working together to the beat of a hired DJ. They’re working to help raise money for St. Judes Children Hospital.
Seated at tables in the back of the room participants and volunteers feverishly addressed and wrote letters to their friends and family asking them for donations for St. Judes.
St. Judes Children Hospital helps treat children who have been diagnosed with cancer.
“It’s a pretty organized event,? said Jenna Carlson, a freshman at UMD participating for the first time. “It felt good to help out, and eat pizza at the same time. I also won a work out DVD, which is a pretty unique prize.?
Carlson wrote letters to her parents and other older relatives.
“I have a feeling that they’re going to be much more generous than my friends.? Carlson said.
In addition to the money that St. Judes is hoping to receive from the letter responses, they also raise money by auctioning off items.
“We took in $100 from a single pair of Wild Hockey tickets,? said Ashlee Hunter, who was in charge of organizing the event with UMD’s Up ‘Til Dawn club.
“It went over pretty well,? Hunter said. “We had over 20 volunteers today.? In fact, the event went over so well that they actually finished early. Scheduled to go until four, all the prizes were cleaned out before three.
“Everyone filled out their letters really fast, and the prizes went just as quickly,? said Hunter. “It was good to see that everyone was so eager.?
The event usually averages about $3,700 in total revenue. Since all the prizes, which included: t-shirts, DVDs, magnets, bags, computer software, and food were all donated, it’s 100 percent profit.
“I love kids, I’m an Early Childhood Development major and it feels good to help out,? said Hunter.
Up ‘Til Dawn usually only holds the St. Judes fundraiser once a year, but since the event went over so well first semester, they decided to try it again.
“I feel that we did our part. Now we have to wait and hope that the letters get to generous hands,? said Hunter.
“It’s a long process figuring out how much money we raised. We have to send the letters, wait for replies, and then get the figures back,? said Hunter. “It takes some time.?
The organization is hoping to raise more than the average $3,700 this year, and with the addition of the second event, it looks quite promising.
St. Judes is grateful for all the effort put forth.
“We could use every dollar, and every dollar is important,? said a St. Judes correspondent.