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Last weeks Student Association’s meeting tried to tackle a relatively unheard of issue, as well as putting some old business to rest. The new topic of discussion was the controversy over the new dean for the College of Fine Arts.

“There are students protesting over it,? said Senator Chris Brinkman. “I’m just not real clear on why.?

It was the first time anyone in SA had heard of the conflict and it was decided that some things had to be taken care of before they took an official stance on the issue, or weather they would decide to shy away from the topic all together.

“We’ll have to do some research,? said Josh Breyfogle. “Before we do anything, we’ve got to get the facts.?
Breyfogle said that the SA had to be really careful on making a stand.

“We can’t just side with the students and we can’t just side with the school. Each side has to have their own reasons,? said Breyfogle.

Right now SA is still in the research process and hasn’t made any public announcements on the new dean.

“At this point in time, it’s too many opinions,? said Breyfogle. “On such a touchy issue, we’re going to try and stay out of it.?

The SA also discussed the progress of the new Bulldog Taxi Program that had finally been put into action a few weeks previous.

“It’s nice to finally see it working,? said Jeni Kiewatt. “For a while there I thought it was never going to happen.?

The program struggled finding the proper insurance coverage with the taxi provider, but with the hard work of Kiewatt and other members of SA the program has gotten off the ground.

The new Bulldog Taxi Program gives students the option to call a cab for rides around campus for a mere 2 dollars per person and is designed to cut down on the number of intoxicated student drivers.

“The program is up and running now,? said Kiewatt. “But for it to stay that way, the students are going to have to really use it.?