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Congregation Accepts Lesbian Minister

An openly lesbian pastor was ordained at the Grace University Lutheran Church in Minneapolis Saturday, the Star Tribune reported.
Jodi Barry has been a youth minister intern for a year at the church, but the ceremony was conducted by Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries (ELM), a national network committed to full acceptance of gay and lesbian pastors in the Lutheran church.
Supporters hope the ordination will lead togreater acceptance of gays and lesbian pastors by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), the Star Tribune reported.
According to activists, such ordinations, are not officially recognized by the national church body and the openly gay ministers are not included on the church's national roster of pastors, the Star Tribune reported.
"Change comes slowly," Barry said."It took a long time for Martin Luther. Our goal has always been not to start a new church, not to leave the ELCA."
The service marked the first time a gay person has been called to a special ministry, a choice usually made by synod officials, not a congregation, ELM representatives said.

Source: Star Tribune