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Gang Member Arrested in Killing of Minneapolis Teen

A suspected gang member from Richfield was charged with murder and attempted murder in the fatal shooting of a teenager playing football behind his Minneapolis home during his cousin's birthday party, the Star Tribune reported.
Edgar Rene Barrientos-Quintana,25, is being held in the Hennepin County jail on $2 million bail, accused of killing Jesse Leon Omar Mickelson, 18, on Oct. 11.
Witnesses told police that a car came through an alley in and Barrientos-Quintana reached out of the window from the back seat and fired several shots.
Mickelson, a student at Roosevelt High School and aspiring rapper, was shot twice in the upper body, police said.
Witnesses said they either recognized the shooter as "Smoky" or by his real name. Police knew of a "Smoky" being Barrientos-Quintana and a Surenos gang member, according to a criminal complaint.
He was arrested last Wednesday in Plymouth and told police that he was a gang member and was familiar with the home where the shooting occurred.
The criminal complaint did not offer a motive for the shooting. Mickelson's guardian has speculated that the shots were aimed at people living in a nearby house.

Source: Star Tribune


he did not do it! there was no dna no gun found (i wish there were so he could be proven not guilty ) he had videos of his where abouts on the day of the murder, all the witnesses said the shooter was bald edgar has long hair in all the videos before and after the shooting a couple witnesses actually went against what they said at first and also well theres no dna!!! in the car that would have to be there if he were in the car now edgar is taken away from his family his beautiful babies and his life is gone just because the state wanted to convict him to close this case sad right and funny thing is edgars lawyers have all the proof in the world that he didn't do itTHIS SYSTEM IS CRAP!!! THANK YOU ....BY THE WAY THE PERSON WHO DID IT IS FREE AND SOME MAN WHOS DNA MATCHED THE CAR TOOK THE STAND SAID IT WAS EDGAR THATS ABOUT ALL THEY HAD GUESS WHAT HES FREE TOO .....

thanks !! very helpful post!