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Salmonella Sickens People in 12 States

A health warning issued Friday by the government urges consumers to thoroughly cook frozen chicken dinners after 32 people in 12 states were sickened with salmonella poisoning.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture cited frozen dishes in which the chicken is raw, but breaded or pre-browned, giving the appearance of being cooked, the Star Tribune reported.
The USDA said many of the people who are sick did not follow the package's cooking instructions and microwaved the chicken dishes even though the instructions did not state that.
Microwaving didn't heat the meals enough to kill the salmonella.
Consumers should cook chicken products to a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit, the department said.
Minnesota health officials found a link between the chicken dinners with salmonella illnesses reported in Minnesota and 11 other states.
Symptoms of salmonella poisoning include diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever within eight to 72 hours.
Salmonella can be life-threatening, especially to those with weak immune systems like infants and the elderly.

Sources: The Associated Press, Star Tribune