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November 9, 2008

Anaylsis: More Pregnancy Weight Causes Big Babies

In the story, Risks: Extra Pregnancy Weight Tied to Big Baby, the reporter used numbers to tell the story about how extra pregnancy weight can cause big babies.
The reporter used the numbers to express percentages. For example, "among women who were not diabetic, 19 percent of those who gained more than 40 pounds had large babies."
The numbers were not overwhelming and it helped to support the story. It helped me understand how many women are affected by excessive weight gain.

More Pregnancy Weight Causes Big Babies

Women who gain more than 40 pounds during pregnancy are about twice as likely to give birth to a heavy baby as those who gain less, according to a new study.
Mothers of babies who weigh more than about nine pounds at birth are at greater risk for birth complications, the New York Times reported.
The study shows, heavy babies are more likely to be overweight or obese later in life. Mothers with gestational diabetes are more likely to have large babies.
The study used data from 41,540 births from 1995 to 2003. Women who were not diabetic, 19 percent of those who gained more than 40 pounds had large babies, compared with 11 percent of those who gained less.
Nondiabetic women who put on more than 40 pounds were more likely to have a large baby than women treated for diabetes who gained less, according to the study.

Sources: The New York Times

St. Paul Woman Shoots Pregnant Woman

A woman charged with shooting in a St. Paul apartment injured a pregnant woman, her fetus and her boyfriend in May was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison, the Pioneer Press reported.
Evalyn Lia Bheaanu, 27, pleaded guilty to three counts of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon in connection.
Bheaanu went to the apartment of Andrea M. Benjamin with Benjamin's cousin to ask for a bedroom, according to a criminal complaint.
The cousin told Benjamin's boyfriend, Richard M. Brown, that he had met Bheaanu at the Cherry Pit bar on St. Paul's East Side and agreed to pay her $200 for sex. The cousin told Brown he had stolen $40 from Bheaanu's purse while she was asleep. Brown allegedly went into Bheaanu's purse, too, and took her cell phones.
Bheaanu called police to say she'd been sexually assaulted and robbed. She showed up later at Benjamin's apartment, apparently to take revenge.
A series of six gunshots was heard, and Benjamin, who was 7 1/2 months, said she had been shot. The baby was born the same day, six weeks premature, the Pioneer Press reported.
Bheaanu was sentenced to five years.

Source: Pioneer Press

Day Care Operator Convicted of Sexual Misconduct

A St. Paul day care operator was convicted of sexual misconduct with a 6-year-old girl Friday, the Star Tribune reported.
Gene Hegerman, 54, was convicted after the said that he touched her "culito," a Spanish slang word referring to her private parts. The girl said he took her into the bathroom and touched her.
Hegerman and his wife, Linda, operated a day care out of their home.
He told her "pinky swear don't tell anybody," the girl testified.
District Judge Salvador Rosas ordered Hegerman taken into custody until his sentencing Dec. 19. State sentencing guidelines call for a minimum sentence of 12 years, the Star Tribune reported.

Source: Star Tribune

November 8, 2008

School Buliding Collapses in Haiti

A school building in Haiti killed 75 people Friday in PĂ©tionville, the New York Times reported.
At least 17 students were found crushed as crews continued to search for victims, said Mayor Claire Lydie Parent.
The hill-side school, Collège La Promesse Evangelique, may have had hundreds of students inside when it collapsed, officials said.
Although rescue crews worked hard into the night pulling people from the rubble, the effort was chaotic and disorganized.
Groups of greiving and screaming onlookers made the it difficult for United Nations peacekeepers, Red Cross workers and Haitian authorities to bring trucks and heavy equipment, the New York Times reported.
There are buildings throughout the country that are at risk of similar collapse because of shoddy construction and lax oversight, President Rene Preval of Haiti said.
Voluteers arrived with shovels, axes and water to help with the rescue effort.
Francene Moreau, the area police commissioner, said the preacher who runs the school could face criminal charges.

Source: New York Times