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School Buliding Collapses in Haiti

A school building in Haiti killed 75 people Friday in PĂ©tionville, the New York Times reported.
At least 17 students were found crushed as crews continued to search for victims, said Mayor Claire Lydie Parent.
The hill-side school, Collège La Promesse Evangelique, may have had hundreds of students inside when it collapsed, officials said.
Although rescue crews worked hard into the night pulling people from the rubble, the effort was chaotic and disorganized.
Groups of greiving and screaming onlookers made the it difficult for United Nations peacekeepers, Red Cross workers and Haitian authorities to bring trucks and heavy equipment, the New York Times reported.
There are buildings throughout the country that are at risk of similar collapse because of shoddy construction and lax oversight, President Rene Preval of Haiti said.
Voluteers arrived with shovels, axes and water to help with the rescue effort.
Francene Moreau, the area police commissioner, said the preacher who runs the school could face criminal charges.

Source: New York Times