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St. Paul Woman Shoots Pregnant Woman

A woman charged with shooting in a St. Paul apartment injured a pregnant woman, her fetus and her boyfriend in May was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison, the Pioneer Press reported.
Evalyn Lia Bheaanu, 27, pleaded guilty to three counts of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon in connection.
Bheaanu went to the apartment of Andrea M. Benjamin with Benjamin's cousin to ask for a bedroom, according to a criminal complaint.
The cousin told Benjamin's boyfriend, Richard M. Brown, that he had met Bheaanu at the Cherry Pit bar on St. Paul's East Side and agreed to pay her $200 for sex. The cousin told Brown he had stolen $40 from Bheaanu's purse while she was asleep. Brown allegedly went into Bheaanu's purse, too, and took her cell phones.
Bheaanu called police to say she'd been sexually assaulted and robbed. She showed up later at Benjamin's apartment, apparently to take revenge.
A series of six gunshots was heard, and Benjamin, who was 7 1/2 months, said she had been shot. The baby was born the same day, six weeks premature, the Pioneer Press reported.
Bheaanu was sentenced to five years.

Source: Pioneer Press