MIA Thursday Oct. 1

Minneapolis Institute of Art.
 MIA: "Missing in Action." "Make Interesting Actions" "Many Ideas Interconnect" "My Itchy Armature"
Remember you will have one hour to locate a work that's Gesture will be received and continue in an individual presentation the following week.(Oct. 8th)  Be brave, let the gesture you create transport/push/inform itself to a place/action/thinking that will surprise you. You will also bring in your "Document" on Oct 8th to share with your collaborators.


I can't wait to check out MIA. I've never been there before and I'm looking forward to it expanding my art "horizon".

MIA was good. I think I might have gone there in grade school. Lol. I really enjoyed it. Loved all the marvelous art pieces and will definitely go again!

First of all, the MIA rocks! I've been to the museum a few times before but this time was a completely different experience. In my process, I wanted to find a piece that evoked a gesture from me without putting too much thought into it. Several times I would find a piece that I really enjoyed, but I would be searching for a gesture instead of letting "flow" take place. In these circumstances, I would move on. I did actually find several pieces that a gesture instantly came to me and that I had felt came from the piece rather than my conscious invention. As I watched the gestures of the rest of the class, it seemed that we all had a somewhat different idea or approach to flow and gesture. Some gestures seemed very thought out and some seemed like just an instant reaction. I guess my approach came from Guerino's explanation of a flow of ideas and how one just leads right to the next. What were other people looking for or thinking about as they searched for their piece?

Wow! MIA was completely mind blowing. I spent all of my time in the section devoted to Asian art and artifacts so I didn't get to fully experience every ehxibit the MIA had to offer. I also got lost from the group because I really wanted to have a closer look at one of the pieces I had missed before.Oops...I would have loved to have more time! People's gestures were extremely interesting. It is such a neat idea to be able to see a tangible extension of a piece of artwork. To comment on the post above me, I looked for a piece that instantly drew me in. While several pieces had that effect on me, I ultimately chose the glass window on the side of the building because it was really peacefull to stand in the glass "room" and to hear and see the rain all around me...Not being able to get wet was an added bonus. I look forward to going to MIA again!

It sounds like you all had a great time!! I'm disappointed that I missed it due to flu-like symptoms. I look forward to see what everyone creates for class tomorrow!

MIA was great!! I had an awesome time and it really opened up my eyes to different cultures and times. I really enjoyed it!!

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