I think the MIA will be a very broad and full of great art work.
i'm glad to have gotten into this class and explore all the creative things in this world.


I am really excited to go the MIA. I think taking in the museum with a task at hand will make the experience much different from the other times I've been there. I feel really overwhelmed at museums sometimes because there is so much material and so many works that I feel really undirected as to where to go or what to look at; I think this assignment (looking for a piece that we can really connect with, on a physical level, even) will make my time at the museum a little bit more focused. I am really looking forward to it all!

I'm really excited as well. I haven't been to MIA for years, so it'll be fun to see what's changed and how I perceive it all now that I'm older.

I am also excited for MIA. I haven't been there since fall of last year when I went for art history when I attened UW-Stout. I have been multiple art institutes and museums. It is a great way to explore art and artists. I am also looking forward to the assignment. It will be interesting to see what pieces individuals are attracted to and how they interprate them.

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