The Art of Collaboration

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What is the art of collaboration? I know I have trouble coming up with ideas to explain the actual art of collaboraation itself. Collaboration is easily defined as two things coming together to form and create something different. The art of it is the actual way its put togther, the reason behind a project, and so on. As this class goes on I do believe that I will fully understand what the art of collaboration really is. It is still early in the year, and I will need a little time to help my ideas evolve and to start and understand the concept of art in collaboration.

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Anything involving the arts interests me and catches my attention. I am looking forward to discovering new ways to express art and myself through this class. I like how involved I feel in this class and I feel like with a smaller group like we have it is going to be easy to communicate and really take this class to the next level! Can't wait!

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