The Minneapolis Institute of Art: Space-Gesture-Flow

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Next Thursday, October 1st, our class will meet in the lobby of the Minneapolis Art Institute (MIA).
  • You will use the first 1/2 of class time to travel from the West Bank to the MIA.
  •   You may only use the Transit System (#2)  or a bike. Please go on line for schedule and bus stop.
  • After we have met in the lobby you will have one hour to explore the collection. With the goal of locating a work that you respond to in an immediate way. You will then create a brief, simple gestural response to the work. After one hour we will regroup and share your gestural response with the work you have selected.
  • You will use the remaining class time to return to the West Bank.
  • This gestural response will culminate in an individual project the following week

1 Comment

I love the MIA! it was so incredible! I had no idea we had such a fabulous museum available in the cities.

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