The Tea Candle Shadow Collaboaration

Please take a moment and share some thoughts about your experience in regards to this project.


This project turned out to be a great experience. The discussion in class was very insightful and it sounded like every group had a different experience. Some groups struggled, some had disagreements, some experienced "flow" from the start, some group's flow didn't occur until the second day, and many other things. My group was very easy to work with, and I look forward to having a more challenging experience in a future project. Now that my understanding of the art of collaboration is progressing, I am excited to see our development as a class in the execution of this art.

Overall, I thought this was an excellent way to begin the class. It gave us a chance to explore how everyone thinks and work and get to know each other. I thought everyone's turned out great and I liked how it allowed everyone to be totally involved and have the freedome to create anything.

It was amazing how everything turned out. It was really cool seeing the different perspectives and collaborations that came together to make such wonderful pieces of art.

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