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Consider this work as a micro/tiny world..How do we go inside the microscope?
Our laboratory is small so plan accordingly in regards to what you want your collaborators to do.

Create an experiment for the entire class.
The duration should be 1-3 minutes.
Explore thoughts-actions-ideas that may intersect with your current thinking/classes.
Write and present a hard copy of your proposal/ idea.
Bring all necessary materials to realize your experiment.
Consider the gesture of your idea. How does it flow?
Push your personal boundaries.

walls and a cipher

I thought the discussion at the end of our last session was really interesting and I just wanted to put some of my thoughts and questions onto the blog, perhaps for the chance to bring some of the discussion outside of the Thursday sessions.

First, the idea of walls as a structural element in identity and character. It is obvious that a set of walls is unique to each individual person. They must come about for a variety of reasons: familial tradition, cultural tradition, self-exploration, the conditions exerted upon one by the outside world or simply individual experience both from a central and periphery view. Furthermore some are inherited, some are acquired willfully, others are imposed both consciously and unconsciously. In a way our interaction with each other is guided by these walls as points that inform our navigation of the world of communication and communicability. Without them there is chaos, or perhaps it's the highest order that is free from reference points?

I am interested specifically in how we (you in this case) manage these self structures. How does a wall become built into your infrastructure, how do you take some of them down once they become useless. Is there a certain set you keep forever, such as a certain code of conduct, or a set of morals. Why does a wall become obsolete, and is it erased or replaced by something else?

How many of these walls are informed upon us by outside agents. Family, government, mentors, friends. How do you decipher which ones are true, honest? Which ones based on a false premise?

Is there a conscious connectivity on your individual part to create connectivity between these structures and your in-depth study of a specific area of expertise here at the university? If so what is the particular goal of your study?

I feel and share a particular view on this as if the study was simply a refinement of the thinking mechanism, almost disconnected from the actual set of knowledge. It is this training that allows the mind to transcribe any given set of actions that is given to it once you establish a goal that you really want to achieve.

Another concept I find interesting in this discussion is that of a cipher. Secondary knowledge, primarily through literature, visual and audible sources almost always requires a cipher. When hip-hop was being created and as it moved through a variety of states, a cipher was always a necessity to make hip-hop available to people outside of the culture. In this way any of the new knowledge that is being created, and a lot of it that has already been created requires a cipher. That is outside of a certain universal standard, for example the majority of our generation knowing how to operate a basic computer.

A cipher allows for two individuals to connect their knowledge (multiple individuals, societies, etc..). In this sense it is almost an individual affair, as each person has to figure out his/her own cipher to the outside world. How do I put my ideas and thoughts out into the public sphere in a way that will make it possible for me to connect with others who can remix or reflect them.

There are of course walls established by family, culture, and government that allow these connections to be made, because we sort of inherently understand how to navigate the basics of human interconnection. We are taught.

But I see an incredible amount of failure in this every day. If you don't actively build your set of ciphers you become limited to a certain layer of society. And here is another scenario, the people that do understand each other, but in the context of a commercial world choose to take advantage of each other... what is their deal?

How does the net alter these definitions and processes by which they are implemented into our minds? And would the net aid in the global acquisition of ciphers, or would there still be large fractions of societies all over the world who will continue to be as lost in the net as they are in the real world...

Anyways...just throwing some thoughts out there, if you can add something I would definitely be happy.


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