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The University of Minnesota's American Indian Cultural House is a living learning community for first-year students with American Indian/Alaskan Native heritage or students interested in learning more about American Indian culture. The American Indian Cultural House is only one of a few unique programs in the nation that provides a residential experience on campus.

The American Indian Cultural House began in 2003. The living learning community is a partnership with the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence's Circle of Indigenous Nations office, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, the Department of American Indian Studies and Housing and Residential Life.

Students who participate in the residential experience have opportunity of living on the same floor in Comstock Hall, however there is a option for students to participate as commuters or non-residential. The commuter or non-residential students participate in all of the same activities and classes as those who choose to live in the residential space in Comstock Hall, the only difference is they are living at home or in other residential halls on campus.

To learn more about how prospective students join the American Indian Cultural House Living Learning Community visit us at our website!