August 19, 2009


Thank you for registering to attend the Multicultural Kickoff 2009. With your participation, we hope this will be our best Kickoff yet! Here are September 1st details about checking-in:

RESIDENT HALL STUDENTS (including students living in Wilkins, Yudof, and University Village)
We have given your name to our Housing and Residential Life Office and they are informed that you will be participating in the Multicultural Kickoff and will be moving in between 10:00am-12 noon on Tuesday, September 1st. If you received a correspondence from Housing and Residential Life with a different date or time, you may disregard that since they are aware that you will be checking in during the special move-in time for Multicultural Kickoff participants only. THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO MOVE IN EARLY, ALL COST ARE BEING COVERED BY THE MULTICULTURAL CENTER FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE.

Parking is available for Multicultural Kickoff students in the 19th ave Parking Ramp located on the corner of 19th ave s and 4th s. (this location is suggested since we will have a parking voucher valid only for that ramp at the registration check in. This voucher will only be good for September 1st 2009.)
There will be an ambassador or staff member waiting at the 19th ave ramp to escort you. Upon leaving in the evening on September 1st, someone will escort you to your parking location as well .

On Sept 2nd commuters should park with all other Welcome Week students in the East River Road garage.

All students must check-in at the Multicultural Kickoff registration table in the concourse of Willey Hall.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank-you!

July 29, 2009

Housing Assignments and FAQ

Assignment FAQs

Move-in FAQ's

If you have further questions feel free to contact Housing and Residential Life directly:
Phone: 612.624.2994

July 27, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

• When will I find out my resident hall? Housing assignments will be sent to students in the middle of July.

• When can I move into my residence hall? For student registered to attend the Multicultural Kickoff, you will be able to move in on Tuesday September 1st, between 10:00am and 12 noon. There will be MCAE Ambassadors and Resident Hall Student Staff there to assist you. The Multicultural Kickoff begins at 1:00pm.

• How is the Multicultural Kickoff different from Welcome Week? Both programs are welcome events for all incoming students aimed at easing students' transition to the University of Minnesota. The Multicultural Kickoff is a free on-campus event that beings on September 1st and ends on Wednesday afternoon on September 2nd. The Multicultural Kickoff introduces participants to student organizations MCAE works closely with, to faculty of color teaching interesting courses, the academic and student support services provided by MCAE, and to student leadership opportunities. Welcome Week is a required event for all incoming freshman, it begins right after the Multicultural Kickoff ends and will conclude on September7th.

• Can I attend the Multicultural Kickoff and Welcome Week? Yes. There is no over lap in these two events.

• If I have my Freshman Orientation on August 31st and September 1st can I still attend the Multicultural Kickoff? Yes. When your Freshman Orientation concludes you will be able to check in at Willey Hall on the West Bank.