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Note from the Director

My name is Patrick Troup, Director of the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence and I am looking forward to another exciting year at the University of Minnesota. I want to take this opportunity to expound on the changes at MCAE and the resources we provide. Please be patient with the length of this portion of the newsletter.

Greetings! MCAE serves as a vehicle to disseminate information about programs, resources, activities and happenings, volunteer, work and internship opportunities taking place on and off campus. The newsletter publicizes activities sponsored by the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence as well as student-sponsored events and other student/departmentally collaborated campus events. The newsletter addresses issues that affect the University of Minnesota community and its members. Some of the subjects most often illuminated are those affecting diversity, racial issues, campus life, internship opportunities, campus events, and campus resources such as diversity training workshops, scholarship information, mentoring programs, academic offerings and study abroad.

MCAE’s mission is to foster and develop a seamless and inclusive learning experience for multicultural undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota through collaborations with collegiate units, educational support programs, community engagement and cultural experiences. MCAE’s goals are to:
• Increase the retention rate of students of color
• Increase the sense of community among multicultural students
• Promote civic engagement
• Promote the richness of diversity and intercultural understanding
• Decrease the barriers to access
• Increase collaborations with U of M colleges, departments, and student groups

MCAE facilitates student educational and social experiences through the following programs:

Academic Programs
- SEAM (Student Excellence in Academics and Multiculturalism)
- American Indian Cultural House
- Chicano Latino Cultural House
- Campus-wide Instructional Center
- tutoring
- study groups
- computer lab

Scholarship Support Programs
- Wallin Scholars
- Multicultural Excellence Program (MEP)
- Puckett Scholars
- Jackie Robinson Scholars
- Multicultural Civic Engagement Program

Mentoring Programs

- America Reads
- Multicultural Civic Engagement Program
- Multicultural Leadership Mentoring Program
- President’s Distinguished Faculty Mentor Program

Cultural Programming

We strongly encourage all students to take advantage of the resources and services offered by MCAE. Please accept this personal invitation to visit MCAE. Our office hours are 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and you do not need to make an appointment to use any of the resources or to speak with staff members.

We look forward to seeing you and good luck with the remainder of the semester. I truly hope you will make an effort to utilize the services we provide and to create more of a community here on campus. It is imperative that we come together and support each other. Especially in light of the changes to the University of Minnesota in regards to General College.


Patrick Troup

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