Asian American Studies Course--FALL 2012

Asian American Health and Research
Fall 2012 - AAS 3920/GWSS 3920
Dr. Melissa Kwon
Tuesdays, 5:10-7:40pm
3 credits

Course Description:

This course provides intensive training in social science research methods within the context of Asian and Pacific Islander (API) women and public health. Students will learn about API women's health issues both locally and nationally. They will then apply this knowledge by actively researching a women's health topic that most affects the UMN campus community. Students will be required to work collaboratively to conduct community‚Äźbased research and analyze and interpret data. Students' personal experiences and perspectives will be critical in completing class assignments and fully participating in class. This course will combine research, advocacy, and leadership development using the frameworks and principles of social science research, Asian American studies, public health, and social justice. This course will count towards the Asian American Studies minor.
AAS GWSS 3920 Fall 2012.pdf

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