May Term, Philosophy Camp

Philosophy 4326/5326 - Lives Worth Living: Questions of self, vocation, and community
May Term (May 28th through June 21st, 2013)
John Wallace, Instructor

Come to an INFO SESSION to learn what Philosophy Camp is all about!

February 20th, 12:30-1:30pm, McNeal 22
March 5th, 3:30-4:30, Appleby 240
April 5th, 1:30-2:30, Appleby 240

Philosophy Camp is the affectionate nickname given by students to the University of Minnesota course
Phil 4326/5326--Lives Worth Living: Questions of Self, Vocation, and Community (6 credits, 4 weeks). Students and instructors meet daily, May 28th through June 21st, 2013, and create a residential living-learning community experience.

Asking questions is central to the practice of philosophy and democratic education. Participants gain a fresh perspective on questions of self, vocation, education, sustainability, and community while enjoying simple living on the prairie of southwestern Minnesota. Students and instructors form a community for living and learning to investigate their own and others responses to questions such as these: What is an authentic self? Who am I? What is vocation? What is my work in the world? What kind of community do I want to have around me? What do I bring to my relationships and community? What makes communities resilient, able to flourish through change and conflict? We'll eat healthy foods, live simply and thoughtfully, work to create and maintain rich nourishing social spaces and discuss how to grow as individuals, community members, and citizens. We create the syllabus democratically based on our interests. We share stories. We share meals together. We learn from each other. Students and instructors also meet local residents to learn how they are living the answers to life's important questions and creating lives worth living. Philosophy Camp is now taking applications for the upcoming 2013 May-term.

Other important details about Philosophy Camp:

Open to freshmen through graduate students
Small community of at most 18 students and 5 instructors
Meets requirements for these LEs: Arts/Humanities & Civic Life and Ethic
Comprehensive program fee is $2300 (less than regular tuition for 6 credits during may/summer)
Transportation to and from Windom will be available
Contact OneStop to verify that your financial aid will be available
Need-based diversity scholarships will be available
Permission number given upon completed application is required to register

Visit for information on this course including application process, cost and financial aid info. Interested students should contact the Philosophy Camp Student Adviser in the Community Service-Learning Center before April 1, 2013. (, 612-626-2044).

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