Snoti's Corner A Day to Love or be Loved!!!

On February 14th, lovers all around the world are required to express their love for loved ones. Yes, required. Why you may ask? Well, how often do we get gifts from loved ones? Or most importantly, how often do we get exactly what we wanted? Although Valentine's Day isn't a national holiday, it's a day when we are all expected to go the extra mile to put a smile on our loved one's faces. Whether or not your gift is a homemade card or a really expensive one, it's the thought that counts. Valentine's Day is not only meant for dating relationships, its also a day for family members; parents, son, daughters, aunts, uncles and cousins to celebrate their bond. For it is true that love exists in many ways.
Valentine's Day can also be considered single awareness day where singles embrace and celebrate being single. For those of us who did not celebrate this day, it's important to acknowledge that celebrating Valentine's is a personal choice. Most of us may express our love on a daily basis and may not need a specific day to highlight our emotion.
So whether or not you celebrated Valentine's Day, hope you had a great day. For those who received gifts, tell us what you thought about your gift. Was it hand made, lavish or completely unexpected?

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