SNOTI's CORNER "The Life of a Student"

Freezing weather, rainy temperatures and gloomy skies, are just a few of the outside forces that students in Minnesota deal with on a regular basis. In addition to this, there is the typical workload of a student that includes daily readings, occasional tests and quizzes, and group projects. The life of a student is definitely bitter sweet until graduation.

The years leading up to completing college are some of the toughest for students. Having to wake up early for classes on a weekly basis can start to take a toll on us after months of the same routine. In college, we realize what our High School teachers meant when they told us about the importance of being independent. Self-dependence and determination are the most effective ways to get through college.

Completing college enables us to have a better future for ourselves. Completing college brings us closer to our personal goals and sets us up for better opportunities for the rest of our lives. It also, gives us a sense of pride because we feel accomplished. So, whenever you think about waking up early during freezing and rainy temperatures, think about what your life would be like after all is said and done. Look on the brighter side of things and give your self a pat on the back. The life of a student may not always be easy, but the life after college is definitely going to be easier.

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