SNOTI's CORNER "Paintings Galore!!"

One, two, three paintings and more, were all displayed in the basement floor. MCAE's grand opening of its art gallery was on Wednesday March 27 in room 41 located in the basement of Appleby Hall. A diverse style of paintings and colors created by some very talented U of M students were put on display in the Shih Pau Yen computer lab.

At the event, attendees got to satisfy their sweet tooth by indulging in some snacks and sweets while conversing. As a fellow attendee, I personally was blown away by the variety of cup cakes and cookies available at the snack table. My personal favorite was the mini sized sugar cookies with blue icing on top. YUMMY!!!
After having snacks, everyone gathered in the computer lab for the viewing of the paintings.

The details and creativity of the paintings were amazing. I must say I was inspired to become a painter myself after watching some of the artist explain the process of how they made their paintings. Although it is safe to say that if I ever did make a painting it would be just a big mess that makes no sense, there's nothing like trying something new. Besides if we really think about art, some of the best paintings ever made have actually been a big mess that makes no sense. It doesn't matter because we love them anyway.

If you haven't seen these wonderful paintings, visit the Shih Pau Yen computer lab and check them out. The paintings not only gives the computer lab a pop of color, they are also beautiful and inspiring.

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