Oh! how much students look forward to spring break. Being somewhere sunny and tropical, or just at home relaxing, are just a few benefits to going on spring break. The last days leading to spring break are very difficult. Why are these days difficult you ask? Well, lets take a look at a few reasons:

The first and maybe most important reason is the thought of not having to stay up doing homework. This is not to say that doing homework is bad, however it is sometimes necessary to take a mental break. Not just a mental break for an hour or so, a mental break for an entire week, that's 24 hours, multiplied by 7.

Reason number two gives a shout out to all of the late birds. Spring Break, like any time off, equals the opportunity to sleep in until the sun rises or sun falls. Lastly, Spring Break grants the right to have FUN!!!!! Yup, that magic word is very powerful for students when we don't have any academic obligations. Its not ever week that school is out for an entire week.

A break from school in middle of the semester is well deserved. However, there is one important thing to consider while planning your spring break, SAFETY. Make safety your number one priority when planning your spring break because safety is the key to having a fun and exciting break.

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