SNOTI's CORNER "Volunteer and Cheer"!!

Ever wanted to be a part of an academic celebration? you can. As the school year comes to an end, the Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence is planning the annual Celebration of Achievement for April 30th 2013. The program honors MCAE's graduating students. In order to make this beautiful event a success, MCAE is looking for Volunteers. Why Volunteer for this event you asked? Well...there are a variety of reasons to volunteer at such an event.
One reason is the fact that it makes us feel proud and happy to help others in accomplishing a goal. Another reason to volunteer at this event is that you get to participate in a ceremony that honors hard working students who are taking the next step in their lives. As a volunteer at this event, you would get to experience the special moments with these students and their families on their achievements.
Imagine being one of the students getting honored in this program, and imagine how special it would feel to have all those people there joining you to celebrate. Celebration of Achievement is a fun event that encourages students to continue on the right path as professionals in their prospective fields. Sign up to volunteer at this event and have fun while being inspired.

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