SNOTI's CORNER "Snow go Away"

As if the six months of Minnesota winter isn't enough, the snow refuses to go away. The fact that it still feels cold and windy in the middle of April makes spring seem so far away. Yet the official beginning of the spring season was said to have started weeks ago. The snow has added to a windy and cold Minnesota, which is a far cry from the season of spring.
For a while, the idea of having a warm and sunny weather came close to becoming a reality for students all over Minnesota. Some of the U of M's seasonal fashionistas began to dress up in their best spring dress codes. This excitement was short lived as winter insisted on taking the spotlight that belongs to spring.
One of the main reasons why students in Minnesota get excited about the end of the school year is because of the notion that the weather will get warmer. It's reasonable to say that it is time for winter to retire and give us all a break. Really, haven't we suffered enough? Winter please go away, and ONLY come back another YEAR!!!

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